Baler Travel Diary Part 1: Sunrise (BalerLines2015)

4:51 PM

Last March, I got the chance to visit Baler along with my former co-workers. It was my first time visiting the place. I was really excited that I went out of my way to go on a diet (something that I only rarely do because I loooove eating) to prepare my beach body (LOLJK you guys) aaaaand!
1) it was my first time to go out of town using my own hard earned money, 
2) I went with people who know little about me (and I them) but have treated me so well in my short time at that company, and 
3) I knew I was about to experience new things that will put a mark on my life forever. 

I won't tell you stories of the whole trip, just two snippets that were really my favorite: the Sunrise and the Surf. 

- Sunrise - 

We were on the road from 1 in the morning and I had trouble sleeping on the way. When I was finally getting some zzz's, it was already five in the morning. We were along the winding roads on the mountains and the zigzags didn't even faze my drowsiness. However, I tried very hard to fight sleep because the sun was already rising and what better view to have it than on a mountainside, right? Also, I have a thing for sunrises. I finally managed to wake myself up when I saw how beautiful the scenery is. 

(NOT the sunrise, sorry. Haha)

As we drove on the mountainside, we were overlooking this magnificent mountain and dam and DAMN. I witnessed the sun rise. 

It was the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed in my entire life. Ever. As I watched, a wonderful feeling came over me. It was like being lifted into the clouds. I can't help but smile and I teared up a little because feeeelssss. I didn't even get to take photos because I was too mesmerized of the sheer beauty of what I was seeing. I was trying to conceal my giddiness because, well it's embarrassing... It was over too soon as we descended the mountain, my high along with it, and climbed to another one. tsg

Photos are taken from my phone only.
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