Baler Travel Diary Part 2: Lessons from the Waves

4:29 PM

At Sabang Beach (no filter!!!!)

When I first went to Baler in March, I never really expected anything that will blow me away. Honestly, I was ashamed to try surfing because I was afraid that I wouldn't be good at it since I'm a tall girl and balancing on the board may be hard for me. (Also because I can't swim very well)

When it was time for us to learn surfing, I wasn't enthusiastic about it for various reasons. I was tired and sleepy and just really wanted to rest in our hotel room. I also had my monthly period that time which made things more complicated. It was a good thing that we had some time to relax before the actual lessons so my friends ordered beers and I, sangria. The drink was heavy on vodka and when it was time for us to surf, my inhibitions are down. I was hearing the instructor teach me the basics but I forgot all of it when we got to the water. He just kept laughing at me when I asked questions. Was it that obvious that I had a drink? Little by little, I felt the waves creeping in my mind. I learned step by step and wave per wave. I found out things that you won't even think you'd get from a wave. 
This is how it works: when a wave comes and the surfer isn't ready yet, the instructor would tip the board upward so that you won't get the brunt of it. Riding those waves in that way was the best feeling I ever had. (Or maybe I was just drunk, I dont know). It's very much like those rides in amusement parks, only this time, no one controls the waves slapping at you. 

As I 'ride' those waves, existential thoughts started pouring to my mind. I was deep in thought when I see each wave coming. I was even writing an article in my mind that time (hence, this blog post)! 

You see, waves, as to what I learned, are like challenges in your life. Surfing in the very sense of it was a challenge for me. I was hard to teach but my instructor didn't give up until I finally stood up on the board. I was so close to giving up, to the point that I was being whiny (which I hate jsyk). But I didn't let that stop me. I know in my heart of hearts that I don't give up on a challenge and I'm certain that I can do it if I quit being a wussy and just focused. 
You can't see my face but... I swear that's me. LOL

So that's what I did. And I finally fucking did it. In life, you will also get those challenges. Problems. Setbacks. Just like the waves, there are strong ones that will knock you off your surfboard. There are small ones that are worth riding it over. There are also waves that you didn't see coming and will shock you and waves that you thought weren't much but ended up sinking you beneath the waters. Some waves that you kept worrying about that you thought will be big but turned out to be calm ones. Problems are like that. They can shock you and screw you over, make you anxious and disappoint you. But that's just it. Like the waves, IT WILL PASS. No wave will stay. You just ride it all out. It's all on you how you do it. There are waves that you can face head on and feel every slap of the water, or you can avert your eyes and protect yourself from seeing what is hurting you. What's important is how you emerge from it. Balanced and satisfied? Or fallen but still hopeful? The way you view each passing wave and yourself will affect what you will be after. 

I don't know if it's just me who feel this way about the waves, or I was just feeling poetic and drunk at the time. But after that surfing for the first time, I felt great. I was happy seeing the waves coming to me and it made me look forward the next time I get to ride the board again as I went back to Manila. 

Last May, I had the chance to go back. I literally can't wait to see the beach and feel the waves. When I finally got the chance to swim, I was overwhelmed. But I happily welcomed each wave, either by going against it or riding with. It was fun. We got to surf on our 3rd day there and in the moment I hugged my board, I just stopped thinking of it too much and voila, I was there standing on my board, riding and before I knew it, reaching the shore and ready to go again. The sun was shining bright on my skin but I didn't care if I come back to work five shades darker than my original color. I was having one of the best experiences of my life. 
Me on the pink board, Nikki on the yellow one

Sadly, the vacation had to end. My best friend had the best time surfing too and we were already thinking about when to go back. I don't know if this will be a regular thing for me or just an exhilirating feeling that will pass. All I know is that right now, I am longing for the waves. ❤❤❤❤
I look so happy! 
My only regret? I don't have a single good freaking photo of me surfing!!!!! I am so buying an action camera. 😤

Disclaimer: Photos were taken during May1-3,2015

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