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How's life? Can you believe October is almost over? I can't! The past months has surely passed by without me noticing. Until now I still have this mindset that it's still August. Haha! So, how have you been?

My life has been pretty much the same. After my wild romp (lol) around the beaches last Summer, I've been holed up in the city. There is no day that I don't long for the sand beneath my feet and the sight of wonderful sunrises and sunsets by the sea.  Good thing I stocked up on beach photos to sate my mermaid hunger, for now at least. I will write a separate blog post for my summer (mis)adventures, that's how much I miss the beach.

My obsession with the sea (from my Instagram!)
While quarantined in the city, my week is mainly swamped by work. Then my weekends are spent sleeping or being a lola at home and reading my books or marathoning some tv series. Or boardgaming at Dyce N Dyne. Once in a while, friends call me up to hang out somewhere else other than DnD. I also turned 22 a few weeks ago, which made my September extra busy. I've also been stuffing myself with food and fun experiences with friends. Hence, the weigh gain (huhu!). That has been my life for some months now and I intend to break the routine. Again. Because I can. And I hate routines. This is why I'm trying (keyword: trying) to revive this blog of mine. Much has happened that is needed to be written and more are awaiting to unfold.

So that was how my life has been. How was yours? tsg

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