The Summer that Was

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Since Facebook made it easier to share your feelings, information, ideas and even words, people found new information that they can own. One of these is the word ‘pluviophile’, a person who loves the rain. Many have claimed their love for this, but I am not one of them. I have learned to hate it, specially after enduring so many floods. Thus by default, I love summer and have always wanted to spend the whole of it by the beach. So when people started inviting me to out of town trips last summer, you could imagine how excited I was.

My first trip was to Baler. My former workmates invited me to join them and I did. I even had the most amazing time surfing and witnessed the best sunrise I have ever seen.

I then went swimming in Pansol a couple of weeks after that. Then, it was time for my graduation. Yey!

Just a few days after my graduation, my best friends and I made our way to Subic for a day full of adventure. We left the city at around 8am and arrived at Subic by lunch time. We were really hungry so we decided to stop at S&R for some pizzas. It was cheaper than the S&R pizzas sold in Manila. After that, we decided to roam around Puregold and the Nike store for a while. Once we were done, we headed to Treetop Adventure and did the Superman ride, Trekking, and the Treedrop. We left Subic at around 8pm and headed back to Manila.

Labor Day weekend is probably one of the most anticipated weeks of beach lovers. It is the day to head to sea, with thousands of people enjoying with you. My labor day weekend was spent in Baler with my mom, my best friend, and my mom’s best friend and family. It was the first time Nikki and I went out of town together so it was very exciting. We were there for three short days and roamed around Baler, swam, surfed, and had loads of fun.

Before May ended, our company decided to backpack to Cagbalete. It was sort of our teambuilding too. It was bitin because we were only there for an overnight. However, I can attest to what everyone is saying: Cagbalete really is beautiful.

So that was my long overdue summer story :) TSG

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