What to Wear: Wedding Outfits from Cocomelody and others

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It’s almost December and you know what that means? It’s Wedding Season! At my age, I’ve been wishing that some of my friends should really start getting married… Lol. I always  wanted to attend weddings and help plan them. But then one of the biggest questions people always ask is “What do I wear?”. So allow me to help a little and give you some ideas on what to wear.

The Guest

As the guest, there is almost no restriction. You can wear any formal attire and make it your own.. Pink, lace, and floral are some of the favorites for the guest. Complete your look with some killer heels or elegant accessories and you’re good to go.

Wilson dress from Apartment Eight

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Shoes and Accessories from Zalora

The Bridesmaid

Being a bridesmaid is an honor. The bride chose you personally to share the whole wedding preparations with you. Usually, the bridesmaid dresses are chosen (and paid for) by the bride. For the bride, if you’re looking for ideas on what designs to choose for your bridesmaids, I found some really good ideas from Cocomelody.


The key is choosing the same fabric and have it made in different styles. This would make your bridesmaids’ outfit cohesive. Good thing Cocomelody is also hosting a sale, right?

coco sale.jpg

The Bride

For the bride, there are thousands of designs to choose from! So it can be really hard to decide on one unless you already have one set in your mind. Aligning your dress to your theme or location can greatly help in choosing. For example, if you’re having a beach wedding, make sure that you choose among beach wedding dresses that are breezy and with the tail with just the right length. You can also try incorporating your own style to it. Some designs of the 2016 wedding dresses include lace appliques, light tulle, and chiffon trains.


So that’s just a few of my ideas for your wedding outfits. Hope I managed to help you guys out! tsg


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