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Last year, I had drafted an article in my planner to be posted on this blog. Unfortunately, I got busy and forgot all about it until I realized it's already 2016. So here I am trying to tell my long overdue post for 2015. The first draft I wrote is a narrative of how the past year went by for me. It was long (which is probably why I got lazy typing it), because 2015 was a good year, I got a stable job, experienced new things (being dropped off a tree was one), discovered new hobbies (surfing and board games), made new friends, and most important of all- I got to travel to different places. It wasn't much, but each gave me such a bliss. It was also a big deal for me because it was the first time I went places by spending my hard-earned money. On the first trip of last year, I told my companions the same thing. They explained how it's just the first of many. At that point, I realized I'm growing up. I'm going places. 

Posted below are my favorite photos of each trip. They are mostly shots of the sea or the sky to the point that I had to change my Instagram feed to blue to match all the sea and sky photos I've been posting. There's only seven photos and I plan to go on more travel adventures this 2016. I have yet to try hiking, so that's one I'm hoping to post here soon. Now, I can't tell an in-depth story of how each trip went, (because I might never finish) but I can tell you when I was there and who I was with at the time and what the official 'witty' hashtag was for that trip. Lol. A short story or two might be in there somewhere, too. Enjoy!
Baler, Aurora - March 2015 
#balerlines2015 (get it, get it?)
This was with my former workmates from Zalora. We were there only for an overnight trip but it was one of the most eye-opening trips I ever had. On the way, I got to try Jollibee's tuna pie for the first time (lol it was really an eye-opening experience believe me), I witnessed the magnificent sunrise over Pantabangan Dam, and learned how to surf for the first time. These are some of the things that me fall in love with Baler. 

Pansol, Laguna - March 2015
I was invited to join my ex-boyfriend's family for a quick out of town getaway to Pansol so there's not much to tell aside from it was fun to escape the city for a while.
Subic - April 2015
#SubicomeOne2015 (lololol)
A few days after my graduation, my high school best friends and I went to Subic for some 'adventures'. We went to TreeTop where we were dropped from a tree. It was thrilling and annoying at the same time because the crew will distract you by making small talk then as you answer their question, they will drop you out of the blue. :(((( 
Baler, Aurora - May 2015
#LabalerDay2015 (cos Labor day, duh)
What? You went to Baler again?! Why, yes I did. I was enamored. This time, I was with my mom, my college best friend and my mom's college best friend's family. Lol. The photo was shot in Dicasalarin Cove, a place so picturesque, it was hard to decide where to look or which view to upload first. I also got to surf again and I had maintained more balance than my first try, I was convinced I was a pro. Lol kidding. But right then I knew, I have to do it again and again and again.
Cagbalete, Quezon - May 2015
Our bosses decided that we go on a backpacking trip to Cagbalete for summer. It was really fun but if I were to go again, I'll make sure to bring more water than we have done because the store is far from the camp site. The Cagbalete trip also marked my last destination for summer.
El Nido, Palawan - December 2015
Palawan is the dream destination. I really had no plans of going until my cousin mentioned that her classmate is from El Nido. So on the last week of October, there I was, booking our tickets to one of the most beautiful islands in the world. We didn't get to maximize our trip but now that I know where to go and what to do, I'll keep all those in mind when I go back this 2015. (We already booked a ticket before this trip happened lol)
Crystal Beach Resort, Zambales - December 2015
Our barkada has an annual Christmas Party so for 2015, we decided to do it out of town, by the beach. We were laughing half the time we were together and was taking photos the other half. Lol. 

With constant traveling comes the need for budget. Well of course that's part of it. Since then, I've stopped splurging on clothes and shoes so I can save up for my coming trips. The only times I do splurge is when there's a massive sale or when something I often use needs to be replaced. I guess when you have found something you are passionate about, you need to re-set your priorities around it to make the most out of it. That's just me though, I'm not sure if that will apply to everyone lol. 

Anyway, that was my 2015. I'm looking forward to new experiences and new trips to take. TSG

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