How to Wear 2016's Pantone Colors

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2016 is completely underway and the  new season calls for the freshest releases from the fashion and style industry. In December 2015, Pantone® announced that the for the first time ever, there will be two colors of the year. The said colors taking center stage are Rose Quartz and Serenity. Both are light pastel shades that will go well with outfits this coming summer. Listed below are some ideas on how you can incorporate these colors in your everyday wear.

Less is More
The age-old advice is still true to this day. Choose silhouettes that will not overpower the lightness of the color. There’s no need to get items that have both colors in it, otherwise it will look tacky. Go simple and let the colors do the talking.
I personally like this Escada dress because of its silhouette and clean lines.

Soft and Hard
Since the colors of the year are both soft colors, mixing it with clothes with bold colors or hard vibe is recommended for a good contrast. If you have the basics in your wardrobe, it will be easier to mix it with these new colors. A leather jacket or a structured purse can go a long way with these colors.

From the Boys

Another classic route is by borrowing from the boys. Tops and pants with no visible feminine structure are perfect for Serenity and Rose Quartz because the colors make the outfit pop more. It is also easy to style with pants and shoes but if you want to keep it balanced, choose form-fitting pants or pointed-toe heels.
I'm so in love with the Mango collection at ZALORA because it perfectly matched the look of ‘borrowing from the boys’. Mango has a lot of man-repeller pieces that will go well with your wardrobe.

Tone per Tone, Shade per Shade

Some people think that wearing just one color for your entire outfit will make it look too old. However, you can keep things young by matching different pieces in the same color shade of Serenity and Rose Quartz to avoid it from looking too matchy. Add a contrasting silhouette or accessory to make the ensemble tasteful.

In this sample, she used lighter shades of Rose Quartz on her skirt, bag, and shoes.

For someone who wears black almost everyday (guilty), these colors are a welcome change. I started stacking up on these colors with different outfits so I can update my wardrobe. And since summer has officially begun (for me, at least), I’m excited to keep things light and airy. Yay. TSG

PS. Can you believe it? Yesterday was my blog anniversary! Happy 4 years, That Sublime Girl! Here’s to more years of light writing, amazing travels, and fashion insights! Cheers!

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