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I live by the quote "It's always summer somewhere" by Lilly Pulitzer as much as I can. For 2016, I started my summer getaway in mid-February and went to Baler (yes, again) with family. Despite having visited it a year ago, we still went to the usual tourist spots to rediscover the town. I swear every time I go back, I feel like it's welcoming me home.

Now, I won't bore you in saying why you should visit the place. I've done it here and here. I'll just show you some of my favorite photos taken during the trip.

Caunayan Falls
Diguisit Beach
Dicasalarin Cove and Lighthouse
View from PAGASA
Costa Pacifica compound // Charlie Does

So far, I'm looking forward to more getaways for 2016. This is only the first of many. :) tsg

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