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The last time I've been to Baguio was more than 13 years ago. I remember how my tita told me how lucky I am being only 8 years old and have been to Baguio since not many people begin traveling at a young age. I guess I took that to heart and made sure that I get to visit different places as much as I can.

So when a colleague mentioned that her sister lives in Baguio, we jumped at the opportunity to go for Panagbenga. It's one of the festivals of the Philippines that I always wanted to see in person. February came around and off we go to the City of Pines. Our trip happened a week after I went to Baler. It was a good thing that it was cold in Baguio since I just used my beach clothes. Lol. One of my best friends mentioned that it was a miracle I'm going to a non-beach location. Haha!

Aside from Panagbenga, we also went for all the touristy places like PMA, Camp John Hay, Session Road (where most of our trips started), Mines View Park, BenCab Museum and so on. Unfortunately, we were short on time because we always woke late (must be the weather, lol) so we weren't able to go to some of our itineraries.

Nevertheless, it was one of the funnest trips I've had. Our host and her family had been so gracious to us and her son played with us every morning. He cried when it was time for us to go :(

Aside from the tour itinerary I made, we also had a list of restaurants to try. We didn't get to finish the list (it was a long one). But one of the restaurants we tried was Canto. We tried their ribs and it was just too darn good! After a long day of walking, those ribs tasted like heaven.

(Most photos are from Cy)
Sabel by BenCab
We went to Strawberry Farm after the Grand Parade of Panagbenga. We woke up at 3AM so we can get a good seat/vantage point of the show. We left for the Farm at around 10AM and had to walk all the way around just to escape the people. 
Strawberry Taho in one hand, Strawberry Ice Cream in the other

Baguio is so picturesque. I hope we get to go back soon! I want to enjoy Session Road without the tourists brought about by Panagbenga. tsg

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