Holy Week in Marinduque

8:00 PM

A week before Holy Week, I was pestering my best friend so we can go out of town. Holy Tuesday evening, he vibered me asking if I want to go to Marinduque, so come Wednesday morning, we've decided we will go.

Not all photos are mine

We joined up with a Travel&Tours group called Aloha Adventures in their Marinduque trip. Aside from beaches, they also do hiking on various mountains almost every week. Check out their page to see their tour schedule. The company they keep is really great, their prices are affordable and worth it and the best of it all? Extremely good food.

We were scheduled to leave Manila Thursday evening. It was around 5 AM when we got to the port in Quezon where we had light breakfast since we had to wait out for the smaller boats to take us to the mother boats lol. We arrived to Maniwaya Island at around 9 AM.

Maniwaya Island
We left the island roughly an hour later after setting up camp for Boac for the Moriones Lenten Rites. So off we go to the boat again, to another port, where a jeepney was waiting to take us into town.
There were 20 of us in total so some had to go topload. However, it turned out that there were more people on top of the jeep than inside. Lol.
So we watched the Moriones Lenten Rites until noon. We headed back to the island immediately after.
Got to borrow a mask! Bagay. Lol

They started preparing lunch when we got back to the island while most of us rested. After our late lunch, we socialized with everyone, a few drinks here and there, played Volleyball, Ultimate, and swam in the beach. Before we know it, it was dinner time again, where good food awaited us. Hahaha.

The next day, we were scheduled to go Island Hopping to Palad Sandbar and Mongpong Island.

Naiwan-ko-yung-shampoo-ko feels HAHA
This was in Palad Sanbar where the water is soooo clear!
With Tiene in Mongpong Island!
Mongpong Rock Formations

It was such an unexpected and fun trip. I didn't even think I would be going to Marinduque this year, but there I went. Even our buwis-buhay boat ride back to the port was exciting. Lol. Probably the only thing I didn't like in the island were the bathrooms, because I'm very particular with bathrooms in each place that I go to and in this resort, water was hard to come by, thus making it hard to rinse off saltwater. But over-all, I definitely enjoyed traveling with a group of people I know nothing about. Thanks to Aloha for making this trip such a breeze. :)

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