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I've been meaning to go to La Union since last year. I even planned to go alone but due to unavoidable circumstances, I didn't get to go.

In an attempt to soak up the last dregs of summer, my workmates and I hopped on a bus and headed north.

A week before our trip, we finalized our reservations to where we will be staying in La Union: The Circle Hostel. A few days before, we booked our tickets for the Viron bus. (Bus was en route to Abra.) Since we booked and paid in advance, we had to present vouchers. The crew from Viron also let us get on the bus first. We were given seat numbers, so that's what we followed. Unfortunately, there were other people who were given one of our numbers, so the seating arrangement was rumbled, which led to an older lady ranting to the staff of Viron. Since none of it was our fault, we weren't saying anything as the lady rattled on and on, how she knows one of the managers of Viron blah blah. Our departure is being delayed because people refuse to move from their seats. To be honest, the system of Viron was to be blamed but it could easily have been avoided if people had been courteous enough to move or switch seats. Humans are such stubborn creatures.

Half an hour later, we finally departed Cubao.
We arrived in La Union at around 9 AM.

Circle is across the street of San Juan Surf Resort, so it's easy to find. We checked in, dropped our bags, cleaned up a bit and headed out for breakfast.

Breakfast at Sebay
After breakfast, we headed back to Circle to rest and charge our phones. Circle has all their outlets in their Common area. The place is clean and relaxing, with hammocks, bean bags, books and some games lying around. 

So thats's where we stayed during the dead hours. I even fell asleep there after I took a shower. At about 3 PM, I headed to Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel, to join my friends. 
At the common area

At Flotsam and Jetsam

We only started taking advantage of the sea at about 3 PM. Sadly, the waves which La Union are famous for were not present. I was actually looking forward to surfing. Looks like I'll have to come back soon *wink wink*
Swim and Sunsets
We ate at this Greek restaurant by the sea for dinner (I forgot the restaurant's name lol). We were kinda iffy at first but since we were hungry, we decided to stay. Cy and I ended up sharing two dishes and we were so glad because the food all tasted delicious!
This was our meal lol
After dinner, we bought soda, chips, and booze at a nearby sari-sari store. It was around 9pm when we headed back to Circle and secured a place at the common area since it was packed. It looked like most of their guests were staying in. We then started our classic Category game. One bottle down and 3 liters of Coke later, we had to buy Coke again for our booze. We kept on drinking until we were the only ones left in the common area. We eventually stopped at around 4AM, and we were all so drunk. But drunk me still managed to take a shower and brush my teeth before calling it a night. Lol.
Category: Mga friends ni Anne Curtis! ;)))
The morning after, I woke up with a hangover, which I haven't had in a long time. I can't even appreciate the free pandesal from Circle because my tastebuds are shot. I was the second of our group to wake up and I had to wait for them to do so just so I can drag them somewhere with tapsilog aka my favorite hangover food.

We ended up in Flotsam again. Yey for tapsi and bangsi! Their rice meals are so good, my friends had to order extra rice. After breakfast, we knew there weren't enough time left for a swim (it was too hot, anyway) so we opted to take photos instead.
The Hangover Club

Groufie before we leave!
Iiiiiii'm gonna swing!

Sooo. There you have it! My first time in La Union. I really had fun and looking forward to going back for surf season. Circle Hostel was also a good choice for our accommodation. You may contact them here. They also have branches in Baler and Zambales.

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