What to Wear: Formal Events

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I've always loved dressing up. Be it for simple celebrations or grand events, I always make it a point to plan my outfit well, choose the perfect dress, and match it with the right set of accessories.

Just a few months ago, a friend asked for my advice on what she will wear for a wedding she was going to attend. I asked her if she already has something in mind and she showed me photos of what she found online.

To be honest, I haven't attended a wedding or a formal event as of late, which is why I kept on telling my friends to get married already (lol, hi friends!), so I had limited knowledge too. What I know is just the inspiration I saw from countless celebrity weddings I saw on Instagram and based it from there. In order to help her, I searched and put various keywords like formal dress in Australia on the search bar to see different kinds of designs available.

Here are some of the pegs that I really liked and would love to wear if ever I get to attend formal events (hi friends please get married already!!!):

Reasons why I love this dress:
1. It's in millennial pink
2. Exquisite bead work
3. Versatile; perfect for different kinds of events
4. It looks like two separate pieces, but really it's just the sheer paneling

This is a really simple yet elegant dress in a color that I love wearing. It screams business in the front, party in the back.

I remember back in high school and college, I was obsessed with asymmetrical dresses. I was totally on that mullet skirt fad, so you can imagine how giddy I was upon seeing this in emerald green. It doesn't look tacky at all, but fun and flirty.

Another color I love wearing: black. I have so many black clothes so I made sure to check black formal dresses. You can never go wrong with one in your closet. It's very versatile and easy to style. I chose this one in particular because I liked the lace applique up to its train.

Navy and royal blue are also common for formal dresses. It looks regal on anyone, given the proper styling. I like this specific chiffon dress for its style, with a semi off-shoulder effect. Its ombre color is also eye catching, you can easily stand out from a crowd of blue gowns with this one.

Those are my top picks that I based on how to help my friend. While she was shopping, she was showing me photos of the dresses she was eyeing on. She's a bit short so I made sure to help her pick the dress that will give the illusion of being long legged. In the end, I told her that the marsala off shoulder mermaid-style dress looked best on her and she eventually wore it to the wedding. Yay! Another successful fashion advice haha! jederive

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