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I've always liked giving gifts. My friends often tell me that they genuinely appreciate the gifts from me because it's always tasteful and functional. They know that a lot of thought was put into choosing the gift and it was not done in haste.

When choosing gifts for specific people, I make sure that I allot enough time so I'll be assured that I got the best items for them. My initial step when I do this is look online, check different websites to get an idea of what to get. I also like dropping by the mall since everything's already there. Just recently, I came across this Brooklyn-based website that offers so many products from independent owners. A lot of the items I've seen are handcrafted, which I really like, up-cycled, and sustainable.

Now I don't know if it's just me, but I've always struggled in looking for gifts for guys. When I look, it feels like it's the same thing over and over again. My boyfriend celebrated his birthday last month and I'm so ashamed to say I still haven't found the perfect gift for him lol. Good thing I saw so many good ideas on this page that I really liked. Don't tell my boyfriend though, it should be a surprise hahaha!
Fields & Forests Complete Grooming Kit
Since I know him as someone who takes good care of his hygiene, I thought this is perfect because it has everything: soap, aftershave, body spray, deodorant, pomade, and beard balm. I'm sure it smells really nice too.
Men's Organizing Travel 4-Pack
Now I'm not sure if this gift is really for me or for him... Hahaha! I just noticed that when we travel, he just throws everything in his bag, so I thought it would be helpful to have this organizing pack so he can put specific stuff in it.

Coffee Cold Brew Gift Set
We both love coffee so I got heart eyes on this particular product. I might even get one for myself. Haha!

So upon looking at all these gifts, I also found some cool anniversary gifts that you might enjoy. Our anniversary's not coming up any time soon though, but the anniversary of the first time we met is, so might as well look haha! (Yes, I do keep track of those dates lol.)
Hand Engraved Compass Necklaces
This one's travel related because it's something that we enjoy doing together. You should check out the other unique anniversary gift ideas that they have and find something to your liking. 

I've said this so many times already, but I'll ask it again, how come my friends are not getting married yet?! Lol didn't they know I already window shopped for dresses and presents??? Hahaha! Part of the whole shebang of getting married are the showers and I really look forward to attending one for my girl friends. I even checked bridal shower gift ideas on this page, that's how excited I am. Haha!
Date Night Bucket List
I liked this one because you can gather everyone in the shower and ask them to write their suggestions. If not, the couple can write their bucket list date ideas on these. That way, you not just gave them date ideas, the time given to write this is also a whole bonding session for them as well.

So go ahead and visit Uncommon Goods for all your gift hunting needs for any occasion and find the best gift you can give.

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