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10:22 PM

Has anyone of you tried furniture shopping?

I do it once in a while, though I don't really shop, rather window shop. :))

Anyway, I really enjoy looking through furniture shops because it makes me dream of what I would want for my house. It's also wonderful when I see that the said furniture has good quality.

Now if any of you are planning to go furniture shopping, I suggest that you go to Mandaue Foam.

Mandaue Foam is a known brand here in the Philippines which originated in Cebu by Mrs. Rosita Uy in 1971. The business expanded its coverage to neighboring provinces. In the present, Mandaue Foam has branches all over the Philippines.

Since the semester started, I have not done any furniture window shopping because of my schedule. Good thing I found Mandaue Foam's website and looked through.

Here are my Top 3 Finds:

1. Lucas Sofa

Okay. Typical? Nah. My mom and I always wanted a sofa that would not consume all the space in our house. And believe me when I found this, I was like, "Moooom! Let's buy thiiiiss!!"

 2. 00324 Door Shoe Rack

Since my shoe rack broke down, I never had a chance to replace it just yet. I think this particular shoe rack is a space saver + modernized.

3. XG2012 Office Table

I always wanted to have my own 'study' in the house and this table would look perfect in it. See, I don't have a study table, but I really want one where I could just read, do my homework or surf the web, and that it should contain all my study stuff.

I know I said that I have a top 3, but I still have one more GREAT FIND. Believe me when I say so. Basically, I have a Top 4. :D


Gregory Bookcase.

Perfect for a bibliophile like yours truly. My mom and I love reading books and as of now, our bookshelves are almost stacked. Plus, I want this book case in my study. :)

I may have shown you only four of the amazing furnitures from Mandaue Foam, but they still have loads and tons of great finds perfect for your abodes because in Mandaue Foam, your home, your imagination.

Visit them at their showrooms all over the country or you can check their website at

Also, check out their new TV Commercial


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