"Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak." - Rachel Zoe

That Sublime Girl is my way of expressing my personal taste in fashion and styling. It was originally just an idea that came to mind one time when I came across fashion blogs. Writing has never been my forte and diaries, journals, etc etc never appealed to me except this, writing a blog about personal injections in fashion. I guess there are some things that you used to hate and will learn to love eventually, and the other way around.

A few things you may want to know about me:

             Ramilyn Joyce Manalo Marco - Full name. Oyeah.
             Rham - This has been my worldwide nickname. Haha! It started in High School and tried to change it but failed. I'm Rham to most of the people I know and do not know .
             RJ - Which stands for Ramilyn Joyce. This is what I'm known to most of the family and family friends. :)
             Ter - Another family nickname. Backstory: my cousin Miggy couldn't say Ate RJ when he was little so he mixed up the two words to become 'Ter'. Yey!
             Rhamichu - one of my friends told me that I was like Pikachu who evolved. Funny, because I love Pikachu, so she called me Rhamichu. And I adapted it since then.
             Joyce - This was the name I liked people to call me when I was in Second Year High School. And as I mentioned earlier, didn't happen. Yet, I use this name when baristas in Starbucks or other coffee and tea shops need a name. It's easier to say. ;)

Location: Metro Manila, Philippines
Personal Style: Simple, Sweet, and Edgy

  • You know, I may despise writing but I love talking and knowing people. (My friends can attest to this. They suffer my loquacious mouth. Haha!) Blogging is just like talking to me now. :)
  • A Christian; a student; aspiring eventologist; fashion enthusiast; foodie; music lover; bookworm; web junkie; loves singing and dancing; goal-oriented; has high moral standards; prefers to watch movies on the silver screen; a public speaker; huge couch potato; OC; loves organizing and planning; career driven; enjoys badminton and ultimate frisbee; introvert AND extrovert; delights in obtaining new information; loves coffee, Coke, and tea; revels adventures, road trips, and thrift shopping; loves inspiring people; sharing my story to the world is an inevitable part of me.

"I don't do fashion. I AM FASHION." - Coco Chanel 

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