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While some people sit down on their couches to watch their local primetime telenovelas, I am on the other side of the planet loving US shows and the first of it all have been Gossip Girl. I have been a big fan of that show since Season 1, Episode 1. Really. The life of the elites and Upper East Siders struck me so much that I found myself watching every single episode of it. My mom loves it just the same and we watch it together. She even mentioned once, while having dinner after watching an episode, "You can't help but be affected with the lives of these people." although everything is just on screen.

Now that it's GG's final season, I can't help feeling nostalgic for it and bring on my blog one of the reasons why I love the show: the amazing style staples of course! The lives of these Upper East Siders are always tangled up with parties here and there, thus the gorgeous dresses and styles.

I'll be showing you three of the ladies who I really love in fashion terms (because I think their styles would be something that I would wear myself): Blair Waldorf (played by Leighton Meester), Serena van der Woodsen (played by Blake Lively), and Jenny Humphrey (played by Taylor Momsen).

Disclaimer: This is a long post and all the photos in this post does not belong to me.

Blair is a major drama queen. Since High School in Constance, she claimed the position of being the Queen Bee (Queen B, whatever). She had her own set of minions, had them dressing up like her, and the headbands which serve as her little crown.

Blair, Serena with her minions at the Met steps
Just because it's Gym class doesn't have to mean you couldn't be fashionable.
 B mostly wears dainty and preppy clothes. In her struggle for power and superior scheming capabilities, she makes sure that she looks up for the job.

B working at The W Magazine

B's look for GG's Season 6 primer
B dressed up as Diana Payne as they schemed to find out her secret in Season 5
Blair at the Waldorf Designs atelier
Blair goes all out raffles in her top

Dainty and Preppy B

From GG's Season 1, Episode 1

B in Paris.
B goes nautical

The queen is no longer in High School

Still in Paris

 And of course, B in her amazing dresses and gowns.

When Prince Louis introduced Blair to his mom. Note: It was Louis who got this lovely sequined dress for Blair
One of my favorites that Blair wore in GG. This Oscar Dela Renta gown is to die for! 

Blair's Vera Wang Wedding Dress

From Season 4: A Touch of Eva
Blair upstaging Dan because of a magazine's High- Brow and Low- Brow

Do I even need to caption this one? :))

Blair's Halloween outfit in Season 4.

Blair in Brooklyn

in Bart and Lily's Wedding

Blair's debutante dress

Blair's Prom Dress. My other favorite. I wish I thought of this design when I came to my own prom. Haha!
I will never forget this scene. THE WHITE PARTY.
Blair: "Three words, Eight letters. Say it, and  I'm yours."

Blair's style over the years did not change much. She still wears her headwears and her look is still pretty and preppy. Although, it grew from power-hungry to sophisticated mademoiselle, so that she can be with Chuck once and for all.

Everyone's favorite 'it' girl. Serena's style over the years has always been about flaunting her long legs and amazing figure. Her looks mostly are subtly sexy and sometimes, sweet. Her entire life is full of drama, in her family, frienships, career, and of course, her lovelife.

Welcome back to Constance, S.

Serena, being an it girl and famous socialite in Manhattan, knows how to dress well, in case of paps nearby.

Shopping with Lily.

I'm proud to say that I would gladly wear these just like Serena.

Shopping with B in Paris

One of the recent photos, from Season 6.

From Season 1, The Wild Brunch
S also wore jeans back in Season 1.

These outfits! :)))
S as a socialite means she goes to events here and there. And I love her dresses and gowns!

Let me just say that this is my favorite dress that S wore. Aahh! Looove!

S modeling for Eleanor Waldorf's Fashion Show

S in Bart and Lily's Wedding

S at The White Party. Looking like Aphrodite in her gorgeous dress and do.

S looked ethereal in this gown

S in her debutante dress. This was one of my choices when I was choosing the design for my prom dress years back. :)

In Gold. I love Gold. :)

At the Masquerade Ball in Season 1

I believe Serena is the epitome of cut-out dresses. Haha!

This was in someone's dream. I forgot who. 

Cece's party. All of them had to wear gold. :)

The third dress was also worn by Tyra Banks in one episode of ANTM

S wearing a very couture dress as she and Blair pretended to fight and had Gossip Girl to film it, a scheme against Juliet.

Season 6 photo.

Serena's prom dress. Didn't find a solo photo of her.

Vera Wang maid-of-honor gown in Blair's wedding
In the Season 6 primer, S says that she wants to move on and move out of her life in Manhattan, therefore ignoring Blair. Could she do it? I seriously doubt it. ;)

I know Jenny's no longer seen on the show, but I must say that she's one of the characters who transformed the most. From Little J, the sweet girl who wants in of Blair's crowd, to Queen Meanie and Eyeliner princess. Her looks are fab though, she got sent out of town.

She was one of Blair's minions :)


At The White Party

I must say, Little J knows how to dress up.

She was this sweet girl.. until she discovered eyeliner.. Lol kidding. She changed her entire look when Blair made her Queen when they graduated.

From Bangs

Her peg became: Eyeliner, Aviator jacket/vest, Short skirts or shorts, tights or leggings 
To black everywhere

Jenny in her own debutante dress
Too bad I can't find a photo of her in her Halloween outfit (The one with the 20's theme). I loved her outfit in that episode! Ah. Anyway, I do hope they put Taylor Momsen back in the show for Season 6. Back with a vengeance, I guess.

There you have it! Sorry, it's a long post. But I hope you read it all the way! You would see in this that I really am a fan. :) These three characters are my style inspirations.

One last photo:

This was from Season 6, Episode 2, where Serena and her boyfriend Steven walked Sage(Steven's daughter) to Constance.

It looks like to me Sage is the new queen. Do you think so, too? Look at her and her posse. I think headbands are out, fedoras are in now in Sage's reign.

We'll find out more in the next episodes. :)

TSG (Lol)

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